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Spécifications du produit

Manfrotto  XPRO Ball Head in Magnesium with 200PL Plate #MHXPRO-BHQ2  

Caractéristiques principales

Type:  tête à rotule

Capacité Maximale (kg):  10.0 kg

Mouvement Horizontal (degrés):  360°

Manfrotto-XPRO Ball Head in Magnesium with 200PL Plate #MHXPRO-BHQ2-Têtes de trépieds



tête à rotule

Hauteur (cm)

11.5 cm

Poids (kg)

0.5 kg

Mouvement Vertical (degrés)

Lateral tilt: -90° / +40°

Mouvement Horizontal (degrés)


Type de Plaquette

plateau rapide

Caractéristiques Supplémentaires

The new XPRO Ball Head is the perfect union between innovative technical solutions and design.
XPRO Ball Head features a new triple locking system which guarantees camera position stability, avoiding drifting thanks to three wedges which enclose and block the sphere. Its friction control helps the user balance the weight of camera equipment and, thanks to the two leveling bubbles, fine adjustments can be made with the locking knobs open.
Moreover, its new polymer rings have substituted that unpleasant, messy grease, ensuring smooth, accurate and less jerky camera movement.
XPRO Ball Head is extremely portable, lightweight and reliable thanks to its magnesium body: it weighs only 0.5 kg and can support up to 10 kg of payload.
The new MHXPRO-BHQ2 comes with the Manfrotto 200 pl plate, the most widespread photographic plate.

  • The triple locking system guarantees precision avoiding drifting
  • Polymer rings allow change position accuracy
  • The magnesium body ensures payload performance and lightness
  • Leveling bubbles for precise framing
  • Quick release with 200PL for easy and completely safe set up

Type de monture de tête

Non Spécifié

Capacité Maximale (kg)

10.0 kg