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Spécifications du produit

Jobu Design  Surefoot NX3, Plaquette pour objetif 5.5'' - #SF-NX3  

Caractéristiques principales

Vue d'ensemble:  Our standard 5.5" lensplate comes with the following features:Hard anodized...

Jobu Design-Surefoot NX3, Plaquette pour objetif 5.5'' - #SF-NX3-Accessoires pour Trépieds, Monopieds et Fixation


Vue d'ensemble

Our standard 5.5" lensplate comes with the following features:

  • Hard anodized black finish
  • Double-dovetail design enables use of our Quick Release flash brackets (requires 3/4" of lensplate exposed past your lens foot)
  • 3 Mounting screws for achieving multiple fit options on larger lenses
  • Two 1/4"-20 captive screw, 1 centrally located 3/8"-16 captive screw
  • 2x Safety-screws
  • 5/32" and 3/32" allen keys


The NX3 fits most larger telephotos with multiple mounting holes such as:

  • 400mm F2.8
  • 500mm F4
  • 600mm F4

This plate is functionally identical to the NX4 (7.0" plate) but is somewhat shorter to allow easier fit into hard travel cases. Make sure you leave 3/4"-1" of room for a flash bracket if you are considering this plate-- the NX4 may be a better option.

Compatible with all Arca-Swiss style clamps***

***Please note we cannot guarantee fit with other manufacturers CAM-Type Lever type quick releases, only screw-type. 99.9% of customers report perfect fit but we do not have control over other company's manufacturing process or control their tolerances!!!